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/ -------------------------- / ɡ ɡ ǡ ǡ ɡ
: ------ ------1433

Power of Attorney

Have appointed -----------------------------,
Societies Or Solitaries to act as my /our agents for all the lawsuits as defendant or plaintiff before all administrative and committees legal authorities before standing principality administration of civil rights and labor cases office and primary - high labor committees and, all the courts for all rank and level varieties, dispute dissolution for banking negotiable instruments - board of grievances - committee of dispute dissolution banking - on my behalf by filing cases, they have right of attending, pleading, defending, settling, clearing, receiving, applying for and rejecting attachment and taking oath on others, thus, disclaimer, approval, to invalidate decisions, and signing before all governmental and national administrative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Signed at:

This------------ day of----------1433

Signature & Official Seal

Notary public